Pond Information

Our ponds have five major components that combine to create your Touch of Paradise: Filtration, Circulation, Rocks & Gravel, Aquatic Plants, and Fish. If any one of them is missing, it throws your pond's ecosystem off balance and creates problems such as green water, dead plants, and even dead fish. Who wants that? Nobody! Read on for a brief explanation of each of the five components.


We incorporate two types of filtration in every pond we design: Mechanical and Biological. Mechanical filtration begins in your pond's DuraSkim, where surface debris and solid material are filtered through a coarse media to protect your pump. The clean water is then pumped to your DuraFalls and forced through through two different types of foam-like filtration media in the base of your waterfall. It provides millions of tiny nooks and crannies for beneficila bacteria to colonize, where they capture and consume excess nutirents as the water is pumped through the media. This is known as Biological Filtration.


Water that doesnt move becomes stagnant, and thats not good for anybody. DUring the desoign process, we will select a pump whose flow rate is proportioanl to your pond size in order to ensure proper circulation through your pond. As part of the circulation process, water will fall from one or more ledges on your waterfall. Each splash or bubble you see intruduces oxygen to the water which fish and aquatic plants need to survive. That is why we recommedn your pump run 24/7 to keep your pond healthy.

Rocks and Gravel

Beneficial bacteria love to colonize the nooks and crannies provided by the rocks and gravel in your pond. Fish waste and other sediments that may be present in the water settle here and provide a feast for the bacteria, whose binge waste eating habits help keep your water clear and your fish healthy. This is why you'll find gravel in the bottom of all our ponds.

Aquatic Plants

Plants love water, we all know that. But did you know they also love the nutrients released by fish waste? Their tiny roots absorb the nutrients left behind, and convert it into energy via photosyntesis. Aquatic plants also compete with algae for nutrients and will usually win, if there are more plants than algae. THat's why we rcommend anywhere from 40% to 80% of your ponds surface be covered by aquatic plants. Some aquatic plants even release oxygen into the water, which the fish then breathe. They also provide shelter and food for small fish, frogs, and snails. Oh, and they look nice too.


Besides adding color, movement, and visual interest to your pond, fish pplay several key roles in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Their movements help keep the water circulating. They eat mosqitos, insect larve, and some of the algae that may grow in your pond. They produce waste that plants and beneficial bacteria feed on. They look great swimming around. We recommend a mix of Koi, Butterfly Koi, and any of the several varieties of goldfish we carry for maximum visual impact and a diverse, healthy ecosystem.


When all five components are present in your pond, they tend to balance each other, and will usually self correct any small problems. However, if just one gets to far out of whack, it can throw the whole ecosystem off, resulting in an unenjoyable, dirty pond that cannot sustain life or provide you with the joy a well maintained pond will. That is why we recommend our maintenace program to all of our pond owners. With over a dozen years of experience constructing and maintaining ponds, our friendly technicians will asses your pond, correct any imbalances, and suggest the best course of action to keep your pond pristine.

Your Touch of Paradise

We can transform your home into a soul soothing refuge.

A place filled with the sound of water running over stone and the sight of brightly colored fish darting about under the surface.

A place where you could listen to the water, watch the fish, and relax. We can make that vision your reality by adding a Touch of Paradise to your space.

We will create a naturally balanced ecosystem in your backyard that requires little maintenance, increases property value, attracts wildlife, and gives you and yours a place you can escape to, without ever leaving home.

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