Aristotle said that "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This is especially true about our custom Koi Ponds and Vanishing Falls.

Your water feature is much more than just some water, rocks, and fish. It is a place of peace and beauty you and yours can retreat to whenever you like, without ever leaving home.

Read on to hear how we've helped to improve people's lives by simply adding a Touch of Paradise to their homes...

Dear all at Touch of Paradise, Alex and I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful waterfall for us.
We absolutely love it and can't wait to surprise Alex's dad when he sees it for the first time! You really listened to the concept we had in mind and turned it into reality. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and a real pleasure to work with, from the office crew to the guys who worked long and hard digging, sweating, connecting, glueing and placing rocks (expertly!) to install the waterfall. Everyone was also so accommodating about making changes along the way, even switching out the pump at the end of construction to make the water literally dance off the rocks! The final result is everything we wanted, even down to the sound we asked for. Touch of Paradise had a seamless delivery of exceptional service from inception to completion of this project. It shines through that you are all passionate about what you do. Thank you for having the expertise to know how to make the dream of our waterfall come to life. I can't say it enough - it's perfect! Thank you. :) Most sincerely,

Lisa and Alex, Satisfied Pond Owners

This brief letter is to give a big recommendation to Touch of Paradise and JT Randolph.
Our Pond was installed just about a year ago. It has been a great addition to our property. It is our favorite place to spend time together. JT has been very helpful during this past year. He has answered any questions or concerns that we have had in a timely and professional manner. He also has come out on his own to make sure that things were going well. The store has become a great place to find more information about anything I might need.

Craig, Satisfied Pond Owner

I wanted to thank you for the professional job you did in installing the pond in our backyard.
The final product is lovely. The estimate that you provided along with the description before the work had begun was accurate and complete. You did the work in a timely fashion with a minimum of disruption. I will certainly recommend you and your business to anyone whom might have a similar interest installing a pond at their business or home. I wish you the nest of luck in developing your new business.

Jean, Satisfied pond owner.

We are so glad JT Randolph of Touch of Paradise designed a water garden for us!
We enjoy it every day. The whole system is nature balanced so there is very little maintenance. We even take out of town trip and the fish take care of themselves, feeding on the algae. There are also underwater lights on a timer, and the water level is taken care of automatically. Our gazebo was custom made by touch of paradise designs. If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please feel free to call us. JT randolph is an honorable man, a person of his word.

John & Linda, Satisfied Pond Owners

Last year we we hired Touch of Paradise Designs to re-do a "nightmare waterfall" we had built by another contractor.
It was indeed a nightmare. Touch of Paradise did not rebuild our existing waterfall, but rather they created something beautiful in its place. Each stone was placed with care and the water flow was directed to create just the sound and aesthetics we had hoped for. They installed lighting, plants, and added to our sprinkling system. In short, we could not be more pleased then we are. When we call them they respond as soon as they can and always call us back. We would welcome any calls from a protective customer that you might have, and we would welcome them to come here and view the waterfall.

Dick & Judy, Satisfied Pond Owners.

We love our Touch of Paradise Pond!
It was the best investment we ever made for our home and ourselves. Instead of investing in a home in the mountains, we brought that mountain stream to us. It has enhanced not only the quality of our home but also our lives. Our pond has expanded our living space to include our backyard. Now we have a refreshing reason to go outside.

Dottie, Satisfied Pond Owner

My wife loves gardening and flowers, and I love my wife...
So every year we attend the annual Spring Garden Festival, sponsored by the Master Gardener's Association and held at the agricultural Center. Every year for the past 3 years my wife Sandy and myself would stop and admire the waterfalls and display that Touch of Paradise had at the show. And each year we would stop to talk to JT and Sharon and the folks from Touch of Paradise and think how wonderful it would be to have a pond and waterfall in our own backyard.

Like many folks, I'm somewhat of a procrastinator and it takes me awhile to make a decision. Following the first festival Sandy and I continued to talk about having a small pond in our backyard. My first thoughts were maybe Sandy and I should do it ourselves. It didn't take long before we realized that we didn't have the time, the expertise, or the fortitude to take on such a formidable project.

A year passed and once again Sandy and I were at the Spring Festival looking at the display from Touch of Paradise and talking with JT and Sharon. THis time we looked at pictures of a number of the ponds and water gardens they had installed and they even invited us to attend their annual parade of ponds to view some firsthand. Once again we failed to act. Reasoning that maybe it would be too expensive, or maybe it couldn't be done due to the size and topography of our backyard, or maybe it wouldn't come out as we had envisioned. Sandy wanted a pond but I really wanted waterfalls. So for another year we waited and and kept wishing that we had a pond in our backyard.

Finally, last year at the spring garden festival after talking with JT and Sharon we asked him to come out to our house, take a look at our lot, tell him of our vision, see if it could be done and how much it would cost. JT came out and walked the back yard, measured, marked, and laid out hoses in the shape and location he could build our pond and waterfalls. To our surprise and great pleasure not only could it be done but also the cost was both reasonable and fair. We immediately gave JT the go ahead and were told it would take about a week to complete the project and that they would start the following week.

As promised, JT and his crew arrived at our residence on Monday, began building our pond and waterfalls and had it all completed by the end of the week. To say that the results were fabulous and that we were ecstatic would be a significant understatement. Having owned several homes and having hired numerous contractors for remodeling, improvements, additions and other projects, the experiences and outcomes have not always been as satisfying and rewarding as this one was. JT and his staff at Touch of Paradise were polite, professional, knowledgeable, patient, and personable. They listened to what my wife and I wanted, took the time to answer questions and offer suggestions and went out of their way to make sure that we were happy with the final results.

It isn't very often that you come across a company and a group of people that really take such great pride in their work and put in the extra effort to make sure that the customer is satisfied. When you do you have to let others know.

You would think that after all I've said I wouldn't have any complaints but I do have two. I wish I hadn't waited so long to have them build our pond! We lost several years we could already have been enjoying our backyard paradise. And although it's just what we wanted, I wish we had made it bigger!

Jim & Sandy, Satisfied Pond Owners.

It was the best investment we ever made for our home and ourselves.
Instead of investing in a home in the mountains, we brought that mountain stream to us. It has enhanced not only the quality of our home but also our lives. Our pond has expanded our living space to include our backyard. Now we have a refreshing reason to go outside.

Dottie, Satisfied Pond Owner

Seven years ago I had a koi pond constructed at my home by another company...
Over the years, I have selected your company to handle the maintenance of my pond and have enjoyed a most satisfactory relationship with your company. Each spring I contracted with your company to handle the pond pump down and cleaning to maintain the clarity I desired. While I love my pond, I must confess I was tiring of constantly battling the poor water quality and clarity caused by excess nutrients, nitrites and ammonia. During one of those spring time clean outs you mentioned a novel approach to my problem. You suggested I consider installing a snorkel and centipede filtration system. You explained this system would reduce the algae, decrease the physical and chemical maintenance and improve the water clarity. The system was easily retrofitted onto my pond and has provided me with the naturally aesthetic environment I had been trying to obtain for years. This filtration system has exceeded all of my expectations! In fact, I now use no chemicals, the filter maintenance has been reduced to once every 7-10 days and springtime pond pump downs and cleanings have been reduced to once every 2-3 years rather than annually. Thank you again for this excellent system. It has performed even better than you advised.

Dean, Satisfied Pond Owner

We want to thank you for our beautiful waterfall.
We are really enjoying it. I sit out each evening and read listening to the waterfall. We hope you have the opportunity to make many more families as happy as we are with our waterfall. Thanks again!

Larry & Mary, Satisfied Pond Owners

Thank you for coming to Della's house to share your knowledge and expertise on ponds.
We learned many things that we might be able to apply to our yards. You did a good job and your youth was a bonus. Good to see the X generation making it on Ocala.

P.G.C, PondTalk Participant

Thank you for all your hard work-
This pond is my heaven on earth!

Gina, Satisfied Pond Owner

We just had to write and thank you for the beautiful waterfall that you created in our backyard.
We enjoy it all the time and love showing it off! Thanks again,

The O'Malleys, Satisfied Pond Owners

Sure have enjoyed the monthly check-ups...
John does a great job and we appreciate working with you all. Anytime you have any suggestions for us, don't hesitate to speak up or leave a note. PS: We just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. The pond is our best decision as a couple (don't tell our daughter haha) We love our family and our pond. Also, thanks guys for the big rocks and a job well done. Had not thought about putting more in the front, but I really like that. Have put a few plants around them. We're still playing in the backyard, not sure how that will end, but we love the rocks. (they are very heavy, as you well know.)Thanks again, we appreciate your friendship and your works.

Betty, Satisfied Pond Owner

Touch of Paradise Designs installed a lovely 16x24ft pond with two waterfalls and a 25ft stream in our front yard just over a year ago.
JT conceived the design and performed the installation along with his crew. They were extremely prompt and efficient in the installation, and within a week we were enjoying the joys of water gardening. We both agree it is the best investment we have made in our property improvements. We sit outside almost nightly and listen to the fish play, the frogs sing, or just watch the dragonflies. The water is always clear, and unlike my swimming pool, there is almost NO upkeep to owning a pond. We are very grateful to JT for providing us with so much enjoyment in our own front yard. We recommend his work to everyone. Sincerely,

John & Sara Jo, Satisfied Pond Owners

My front yard has a very natural setting due to our ponds uniqueness.
It has a waterfall, two pools at different levels, beautifully clear water and brightly colored Koi. I am a nurse and I am in surgery all day. I come home and sit out by the pond, listen to the waterfall and feed the fish. It is so wonderfully relaxing. Having JT put in the pond is the best thing we've ever done!

Sara Jo, Satisfied Pond Owner

I actually get to enjoy the pond instead of having to maintain it.
The first place my wife retreats to after work is the pond, because all she has to do is enjoy it! Since we now have a water garden our property is complete.

Craig, Satisfied Pond Owner

I have a small backyard patio where my 11x11 water garden sits.
One of the most significant things I have discovered is the melodic sound of the water falling from the waterfalls. It is so wonderful and relaxing to wake up in the mornings and come home to it at night. I have beautiful birds drink from my pond instead of the bird bath. The foliage has now matured around my pond. It is absolutely breathtaking!

Jean, Satisfied Pond Owner

Our neighbors are thanking us for allowing them to enjoy our waterfalls and streams.
I personally believe that our water garden has added value to our property. There are some vacant lots for sale in our subdivision which are now selling faster because of our streams and waterfalls.

Pam, Satisfied Pond Owner

I think your pond presentation went over real well today!
On behalf of the garden club here at Spruce Creek, thanks very much for your time and knowledge. Say hi to Sharon she has been very helpful also.

Jane, PondTalk Participant

Thank you for contributing your artistry to the premiere of Art in Bloom: Ocala Style at There Appleton Museum.
Your participation was vital to the development of this exciting event. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we begin to plan for the next Art in Bloom exhibition. We look forward to seeing you around the museum, and hope to be a continual inspiration for your designs of the future.

Nancy, Education Department

On behalf of the Howey-in-the-Hills Garden and Civic club, I want to thank you for attending our March meeting and speaking to our members and guests about water gardens and exotic plants.
As we head into spring in Florida, our members are going to be thinking about how they can enjoy water gardens around their homes and whether exotic plants are right for them. So, the information you shared with us was timely and very helpful. I'm sure everyone left the meeting feeling more knowledgeable and perhaps a little more confident about including water gardens and exotic plants in their landscapes. We appreciate your taking time from your schedule to participate in our meeting. It was a pleasure having you join us.

Susan, PondTalk Participant

We would like to express our gratitude to JT Randolph of Touch of Paradise Designs for his presentation on Waterfalls and Exotic Plants,
and Backyard Wildlife Improvements.

Lady Lake Garden Club, PondTalk Participant

Thanks so much for the fantastic job on the patio!
Everything you do has the magic touch, and all you built for us will be a part of us and our home for the rest of our lives. Love and hugs,

Jan & Charlie, Satisfied Customers

Just a little thank-you for an excellent job on my patio.
I am so pleased I'm pulling people off the street to show it off. Thank you so much,

Cecilia, Satisfied Customer

We wanted to write and say thank you for all of your help with our water garden.
It is absolutely wonderful- so beautiful. Leaving the pump on cleared the water in about a week. Our fish are clearly happy- colorful and active and continuing to make babies! Need any Shubunkins? Thanks again!

Mike & Sandy, Satisfied Pond Owners

Thank you for allowing us to use the stones for our Baccalaureate Reception at St. John Lutheran school.
It was the finishing touch we needed.

Students & Parents of the class of 2009, St. John Lutheran school

It is such a good feeling to know that we can go away and John will come and take care of our pond and our fish.
It looks great. Thank you John. Love and blessings to you all,

Lynn, Satisfied Pond Owner

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed the pond that you installed for us.
At the time you installed it I was suffering from fibromyalgia. The doctors said I needed to relax and eliminate some of the stresses in my life. We had a spa installed for that purpose. However, I have got to say that the pond far exceeds the spa in allowing me to release the stress in my life and to relax.

I spend about 15 minutes early every morning sitting at the pond, feeding my koi and just admiring all the beautiful flowers (new ones everyday). This is so relaxing and so zen-like. I just can't thank you enough for the joy and beauty this pond has brought to our life. We love it! We even found our little grandson sitting in front of it in a yoga meditation pose when he visited. So, even children are moved by the beauty and gentleness of the waterfall, the flowers and the koi (all of which have names, of course) Thanks again for enriching our lives.

Susan & Michael, Satisfied Pond Owners

When our vanishing waterfall was completed on October 14 we were provided a uniform survey through which we would share our perceptions of the preparation and installation of the project.

Dee and I felt the survey would not do justice to you or your company, therefore, we've chosen to forward this response. Visits with your rep Dave and our landscape architect resulted in several design proposals. It was on the last visit, which included you, that we agreed on the final design.

Installation of the waterfall was on October 13-14. The efforts by you and your crew were extraordinary. Through your leadership each person seemed to know his tasks and performed them very well.

The coordination of the subcontractors for the water supply and electricity was superb and the respective installations were flawless.
"Call backs" for the pump timer and perceived liner leak were prompt and complete. Dee and I are extremely pleased with your company's efforts and the incredible final project! We're also appreciative of your office manager Sharon's gracious help during our showroom visits and prompt responses to the few inquiries we made by phone.

We were delighted with the visit of your mom and dad during the Parade of Ponds last week! A nice surprise for us.

Finally, Dee and I are simply and totally pleased with every aspect of this project and we thank you and everyone in your company!

Ed & Dee, Satisfied Vanishing Falls Owners

On behalf of the Ocala Royal Dames, thank you very much for the donation of the "Vanishing Fountain, which you provided for the Tiara Ball auction.
Your thoughtful and generous response to our appeal demonstrates your compassion and concern for all people and their loved ones who confront cancer. We greatly appreciate your commitment to the organization.

Nancy, Ocala Royal Dames

Now imagine your life with a Touch of Paradise...
You've heard how our work has improved the lives of many people. Could you use a little more escape, serenity, tranquility, peace, rejuvenation, solitude,reflection, or calmness in your life?

What if you could come home to a soul soothing refuge at the end of the day?

A place filled with the sound of water running over stone and the sight of brightly colored Koi darting about under the surface?

A place where you could listen to the water, watch the fish, and relax. We can make that vision your reality by adding a Touch of Paradise to your space.

We will create a naturally balanced ecosystem in your backyard that requires little maintenance, increases property value, attracts wildlife, and gives you and yours a place you can escape to, without ever leaving home.

Sound good? Request your FREE design consultation today!

Have a story to share about your Touch of Paradise? Send it to us and we'll post it here.