Vanishing Falls Information

You may not be able to afford a home near a waterfall, but YOU CAN AFFORD to put a waterfall near your home!

We can make waterfalls disappear!

Our Vanishing Falls provide the sound of falling water without the pond. They can even incorporate shallow pools and meandering streams, and provide the illusion of water disappearing through the rocks.

In reality, the water flows into a small, underground reservoir where it is pumped back to the top of the falls, where it flows down again. This cycle continues as long as the pump is turned on.

A water feature for every space...

Vanishing Falls are perfect for seasonal homes and for people who don't care to have a pond or Koi. Since there is no ecosystem to support, the pump can be turned off and on at will, and even be set on a timer for your conveinience.

Vanishing Falls can even go in spaces a traditional pond cannot, and can have more design flexibility than a traditional pond. Vanishing Falls can be sized to fit any space, from a city park to a corner of your garden. Regardless of size, they all provide the ambiance of a waterfall and the illusion of water disappearing through the rocks. Delight your friends and family by having Vanishing Falls installed at your home today.

Your Touch of Paradise

What if you could come home to a soul soothing refuge at the end of the day?

A place filled with the sound of water running over stone and the sight of water magically disappearing through the rocks?

A place where you could sit and listen to the water and relax.

We can make that vision your reality by adding a Touch of Paradise to your space.

We will create a beautiful waterfall in your backyard that requires little maintenance, increases property value, attracts wildlife, and gives you and yours a place you can escape to, without ever leaving home.

Sound good? Request your FREE design consultation today!