Vanishing Falls FAQ

You have questions, we have answers!

The following questions and answers will help you with some concerns you may have regarding your Vanishing Falls. Feel free to call us at (352) 622-9316 if your issue is not covered here.

How do I maintain my Vanishing Falls waterfall?

There really is little maintenance to your Vanishing Falls waterfall. We recommend applying HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner to rid string algae buildup once a month, or as needed. Keep your aquatic plants in the waterfall and streambed trimmed and pruned. Doing this will prevent water diversion due to plant overgrowth, which in turn can cause leaks.

What is HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner

HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner is an oxygenating white powder. This formula safely cleans larger ponds, as well as smaller koi ponds and Vanishing Falls waterfalls by breaking down sludge and heavy debris in waterfalls, streams and on rocks. This product is safe for fish, birds, pets, and aquatic plants.

Can I physically remove the String Algae buildup first?

Yes! First, we recommend you turn your pump off. Secondly, remove the worst of the algae buildup by hand. After you have taken those steps, you may apply the HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner.

How much HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner do I apply to my waterfall and how frequently?

You can HydroSolve your waterfall once a month or as needed. Turn your pump off. Spot treat problem areas, such as rocks and waterfalls, by applying a light layer of HydroSolve powder to them. Let the powder sit for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. You can leave the powder on longer, if desired. When ready, turn pump back on. You will find your water may be foamy for a day or so. Don’t worry, this is normal, and the foam will recede naturally.

How do I know how many gallons of water are in my waterfall?

To determine how many gallons are in the stream - multiply length x width x .33 x 7.48 = gallons in stream. Since the basin/reservoir is filled with approximately 60 per cent rock, then the reservoir holds approximately 40 percent of water. To determine water volume multiply length x width x .4 x 7.48 = gallons. The gallons in the reservoir should be double the gallons in the stream at the minimum; ideally it should be three times the stream gallons.

When do I clean my spillway and basin?

The waterfalls spillway and basin should been cleaned out at least once a year. We offer Spring Cleanouts beginning in Februrary and Fall Cleanouts beginning in September of each year. Call us to sign up and book your Spring or Fall Cleanout for next year.

What does a Spring Cleanout/Fall Cleanout for my Vanishing Falls include?

Will my waterfall increase the levels of mosquitoes in my neighborhood?

No, actually your waterfall is hurting the mosquito population, not helping it. Since the water is constantly moving, any mosquito eggs that may be laid will be washed away and destroyed in your pump.

How many aquatic plants should I put in my Vanishing Falls?

A good general rule of thumb is to cover about 40 per cent of the surface area with Aquatic Plants of all types. Marginals, like irises, rushes, arrowheads, cannas and cattails are recommended to keep your water clean and clear. They look good also!

Does my pump need to run 24 hours a day?

Nope. You can turn your waterfall on and off at will, since there is no ecosystem to support. You can turn it off at night or when you are not at home. You can even place a timer at the receptacle for automatic operation.

What is the Automatic Fill Valve?

Your automatic fill valve will keep your water at the proper level. In Florida, we do loose some water due to evaporation. With this valve, you can go away and not worry about your waterfall running dry. Keep the valve turned on at the hose bib 24/7.

Will low water volume damage the pump?

No, our stainless steel pumps have an automatic thermal protector to shut it down. Add water to the basin (if you do not have a working automatic fill valve) so that when the motor cools down it will automatically start back up.

Common Trouble Shooting Issues:

Pump is making a gurgling sound:

Your automatic fill valve may be turned off. If so, turn it back on.

Waterfall is not working:

Your GFI breaker may be tripped. Check it, and reset it if neccessary. If that is not the isue, your basin may be out of water. Check it, and if so, add water.

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