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Our Mission

Everyone can agree that there is just something peaceful about the sound of water.  Most of us have our fondest memorable moments where water is central to our lives.  The Ocean, The Lake, The River, Mountain Streams or Waterfalls.  

Water is essential to life and is at the core of us.  Our passion for water features extends to each installation we have the pleasure of installing.  Our desire is for our water feature owners to experience "The Peace of God through the sound of water".

Our Vision & Values

"A Water Feature for Every Space" is our moto.  There is no space too large or too small that we cannot fit a water feature in.  Inside or Out!

We've been adding a "Touch of Paradise" to homes, businesses, parks and government agencies for over 20 years, and would love to add a "Touch of Paradise" to your home or business.

We treat each customer like FAMILY and are happy to say our family keeps growing.  We pride ourselves in giving each project our highest attention to detail, starting with the design process and ending with the completion of your project.




Design & Construction Supervisor


Office Manager



Sales & Marketing

9468 S US Highway 441

Ocala, FL  34480


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